Cyber Security Services

Let us keep your assets safe

Information rules today’s world! It’s crucial to ensure that your critical data assets and intellectual property are protected from hackers. Using innovative, simple, state-of-art cyber security services and solutions Onyx curates cyber protection to suit each customer

Digital Forensic Services

Includes hacking recovery, cyber investigations, computer forensics, hard drive analysis.

Cyber Security Consulting

Identify security risks or weak points of your computer system, network and/or web application.

Network Architecture Security

Creation of security features (process, systems and/or tools) that will reduce cyber risks.

Penetration Testing

Assess the strength of a computer system, network or web application to produce detailed reports.

Application Security Testing

Test the vulnerability and security risks in source codes of applications to make them more resistant to cyber threats.

Zero-Day Attacks

Be proactive and avoid Zero-day attacks. OnyxMS provides comprehensive preventative solutions to network breaches before they are exploited.

Red Team Testing Program

Get a skilled team that will detect network risks and provide detailed insights on impact of security weak points.

SIEM as a Service

Improve cybersecurity efficiency by tracking and reviewing IT activities to enable reporting of threats, event correlations and response time.

CISO as a Service

Outsource your Chief Information Security Office (CISO) role to a team of highly skilled professional for cost effective and efficient security governance.

Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Review cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could be exploited and implement continuous monitoring and management of risks to mitigate cyber breaches.

Wireless Vulnerability & Risk Evaluation

Receive an assessment of your network vulnerability to provide solutions for network cybersecurity risks and to secure your company’s network.

Build a Fortress Around Your Network